Top 6 Reasons People Rent Self Storage

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March 24th, 2023

As you probably noticed, self-storage facilities continue to pop up all over the place, even in the Cambridge, Isanti, Princeton, Zimmerman, Milaca, and St. Francis areas. Obviously self storage units are popular in urban and suburban areas. They are also growing in popularity in the outstate areas. Recently, I have even noticed rural farmers building self storage buildings on their farm near me where they have quick access to a highway. We are blessed in this country and have a lot of possessions. Also, people have become more mobile and, as people’s life situations change, our need to temporarily or permanently store all our belongings is becoming greater. Following, are five common reasons people are renting more storage units than ever.


Transitioning from one home to another impacts us in numerous different ways. 41% of self storage customers stated they needed storage for moving. Following are examples of when you may need storage if you are moving:
It seems like the popular thing to do once adults are empty-nesters is to downsize. The large home (and expenses associated with that) do not make sense anymore. Couples often choose to move to a home that is smaller and maybe easier to maintain. Also, with the recent inflation, loss of jobs and other life events, people are choosing to switch from a larger home to a smaller space. As a result, we are faced with trying to decide what to do with all the possessions and furniture that won’t fit into a smaller home, condo or apartment. Moving requires a lot of time and work and often, we don’t have time to sort through everything before the move. Instead of making any rash decisions, you can store excess possessions in storage until you have time to go through everything. You may possibly reuse them again in the future or hand them off to family members when the time is right.
Staging Your Home for a Sale
If you have ever put your house on the market, you know the realtors often suggest you hide or store personal photos, extra furniture, children’s toys, and other items to make the home seem more roomy and allow the potential buyer to imagine the home as their new abode. If your rooms are crammed full of furniture and belongings, temporarily storing those items in a storage unit may pay large dividends if you can maximize the sale price.
Between Homes
Maybe you have to move out of your home by June 15th but you are not moving into your new place until August 1st. You may likely be able to crash a family member’s home, but, you probably don’t want to move all your belonging there! Renting a storage unit nearby gives you a safe location to store all of your possessions until you can move into your new home. You can also hang onto the storage unit to keep all your things until you have time to get the new house just the way you want it and are ready to move everything in.
Traveling Job or Active Military Service
You may be a traveling nurse or on active duty in the military for a number of years. Using a storage space is much cheaper than paying rent or a mortgage for a place you are not living at. A safe storage unit can act as your home base while you are away.
Consolidating Homes
If you recently got re-married or moved in with a friend or significant other, you may be consolidating homes, but, now you have two households worth of furnishings to deal with. Finding a mini-storage near you could give you time to get through the transition.

Extra Space

We tend to consume a lot of things and there is only so much that can fit in a home before you’re bursting at the seams. 17% of storage rental customers said they use self storage for de-cluttering. In the process of organizing, there may be items that you just don’t feel like getting rid of, but don’t have the space to keep in your home. A storage unit can serve as a nice extra room. This way you have a more neat and presentable home while having the option to access your valuables 24/7. Storage units solve a lot of today’s space issues that people have. A storage facility not only serves residents. They can also be a smart way to save on office or warehouse space. Commercial clients lease storage for inventory or supplies rather than expanding their offices.

The Vagabond Life

“Baby-Boomers” are retiring and many are living in different locations in Summer vs. Winter, especially if you live in Minnesota. Rather than leave important items in a vacant home for long periods of time, people are opting to store them in storage facilities. This gives you the security you need and the easy access you want.

Summer or Winter Storage Needs

As decorating for every holiday becomes a bigger and bigger trend, the extreme amounts of decorations need to live somewhere when not beautifying the house. Increasingly, people are opting to rent storage units to house these extra items. The same holds true for other seasonal items such as hunting and sporting equipment, yard maintenance equipment, lawn mowers, snowblowers, patio furniture, outdoor bars, grills and other similar items. Also, if you have a “Summer” vehicle that you bring out when the roads are nice, you may want to store that in an enclosed storage unit safe from the elements. The rent for a storage unit is far cheaper than building a garage.

Store a Loved One’s Belongings

If you have a family member that passes away, going through their home is a very emotional and time-consuming thing to have to do. However, you typically are under a deadline to empty the home so it can be rented or sold. If your parent or grandparent held onto a lot of possessions, the amount of stuff can be overwhelming. Customers who are dealing with a loss often put items into storage and deal with them when things are a bit easier. Giving yourself time before sorting through a loved one’s belongings may help family members extend a bit more grace in dividing those sentimental items.


Not only do we own a lot of possessions, we are a country of collectors. Actually, we all tend to collect something, whether it’s photographs, kids’ artwork, model cars, beer cans, books, flea market wares, or many other things. Some people collect these items for fun. Others collect to sell or engage with similar-minded people. But all this collecting comes at the cost of lost room in the home, garage, attic, or basement. That’s when collectors can benefit from a storage facility. There are numerous other reasons for renting a storage unit, large or small. Probably the best thing about self storage units are that you can typically rent month to month and you have the flexibility to use the extra space as needed. It can be the cheapest option when you need safe storage. sum dolor sit amet.

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